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Bird watching is another great way of discovering the magnificence of the Traful Valley at estancia Arroyo Verde.

Whether you are hiking, riding or driving through the estancia and exploring any of the dramatic rock formations, you will surely be rewarded with the sight of Andean condors ascending on the thermal currents, a Black-chested Buzzard-eagle on its´ hunting perch or a pair of Peregrine Falcons fiercely defending their nest.

Down on the lush valley pastures you will be noisily greeted by the Southern lapwings. Upland & Ashy-headed geese, Black-faced Ibis & several duck species such as Southern widgeon & Speckled teal feed on the marshy areas, always observed closely by the handsome Southern Crested-caracara.


Once in the Southern beech (Nothophagus) forest we must rely on our hearing: amazingly loud calls of the ground dwelling Chucao or the Black-throated Huet huet, drumming of the Magellan woodpecker making his way through the bark to feed. If quiet, we can observe their work from close up.

While on the river, you can find the Ringed kingfisher that gives quite a show when he dives, because unlike the fishermen he almost never fails.