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Climate and Clothing    

Packing for your trip all depends when you visit us.

You should know that Patagonia weather is unpredictable. During your stay some days can be very warm (over 25°C), sunny and with no wind and others can be cold (5°C), windy and rainy. In spring (Nov. thru Dec.) and fall (mid March to end April) it can still be cool. Rain occasionally and with frosts at night.

In Summer (Jan. to mid March) can be warm sometimes hot and usually dry. Layered clothing is best but a warm water/windproof jacket is a must as well as a wide-brimmed hat for all seasons and activities.


Comfortable pants or jeans for riding and hiking as well as suitable footwear. Bring your swimsuit as often it is warm enough in summer to swim in the lake. Other extras might include flashlight / torch, gloves, binoculars, camera, sun-glasses, sun screen and a small pack. For dinner the dress code is smart but casual.

Packing List

For fishing see under Suggested Gear in the fishing section.