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The season is from November through April.

The Traful is an exclusively catch and release fly-fishing river. At the beginning of the season the river runs high and fast with the level dropping in December but usually with fast water till the beginning or middle of January (depending on weather conditions, especially the winter snows), it then runs slow till the first Autumn rains.

A typical mountain river of crystal clear water varying in width from 60 to 90 feet (20 to 30 meters) with rapids and pools throughout its 10 miles course is home to rainbow and brown trout and land-locked salmon. Although the average size of the fish is around 20 to 23 ins. for trout and 22 to 24 ins. for salmon it is not uncommon to catch 28 ins. salmon, 30 ins. rainbows and a 29 ins. browns all which have been caught recently, something to think about when you choose the tippet for your leader.


Also take into account that sections of the riverbank are lined with trees and shrubs making casting more exciting and rather challenging!. Ernie Schwiebert loved Arroyo Verde and for over 50 years came to fish the Traful. Mel Krieger was also a fan of these waters and enjoyed spending a few days with us.