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Fishing the river Traful: as always a challenge.

With good winter rains and even the last snowfall on the first day of the season the water level in the Traful was normal for the time of year.

In November and December the fishing was spectacular with many large browns and salmon being caught.
At the beginning of January however there was a change as the water levels began to drop due to little or no rain experienced in the spring. Despite this the fishing continued to be rewarding with salmon, brown and rainbow trout caught on dry flies such as Atractor and also with nymphs.


The summer was to prove to be very dry and warm and the water levels in the whole of northern Patagonia continued to fall. Faced with this situation fishing was found to be better early morning while the temperature was lower and where the water was well aeriated. The upper reaches of the Traful still rewarded us with good sized salmon up to 29 inches until the end of the season.
In April the fishing improved even though the water level continued to fall as still no rain came and like that the season finished.

Looking forward to welcoming you in November for the opening of the 2015/16 season.