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The Larivière family has been in the valley for 80 years. Felipe Larivière with his wife Luisa and their son Maurice, arrived at Estancia La Primavera in January 1932. The ranch dedicated to cattle and sheep rearing was also a fishing lodge even then, owned by an English gentleman, Sir Henry Bell. Felipe Larivière fell in love with the place and reserved the lodge for his family and friends for two seasons running. Then in 1934 he journeyed to England, met Sir Henry Bell and bought the property. Down through the years he hosted several very important people such as President Eisenhower, King Leopold of Belgium, the Infanta Cristina of Spain as well as renowned anglers Joe Brooks, Mel Krieger and Ernest Schwiebert among others.

Estancia Arroyo Verde was originally part of estancia La Primavera, but after the death of Felipe in April 1975, his two sons inherited the ranch and it was subsequently divided. The river Traful was the natural division of the property, and the northern part inherited by Maurice was named Arroyo Verde after one of its tributaries.


Maurice and his wife Meme designed Arroyo Verde as a summer place. They built the main house, outbuildings and the cabin by the lake for family and friends who came to enjoy salmon and trout fishing and horseback riding. In 1987 Meme Larivière decided to open the ranch to the public as a fishing and riding lodge.

They continued with cattle and sheep rearing and horse breeding. Maurice passed away in 2004 and the ranch is now owned by Meme and her three daughters Marina, Maria Luisa and Josefina. They all take an active part in preserving this unique establishment and maintaining its high standards.

What makes Arroyo Verde so special is that it is still home for the Lariviere family who share their everyday life with the guests.