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Suggested Gear    

For the beginning of the season lines #7 or #8 and from the middle of January onwards lines #5 or #6 are advisable. An assortment of fast sinking, sinking tips and floating lines are recommended. Your choice will depend on the level and temperature of the water. Short leaders are necessary for the fast sinking lines, 12 or 14 feet for dry fly-fishing; 4x to 0x, and even stronger up to 12 lbs. test for big flies. Because of catch and release regulations we recommend barbless hooks.

Your favorite trout flies will be OK and you can add some streamers, wooly worms, wooly buggers, muddlers, etc. Nymphs are very efficient throughout the season; small ones (12 to 14) can be as good as big ones like Bitch Creek or Montana Nymph (4 to 8). During the day the Spruce fly and the Mickey Finn are very good for land-locked salmon. For late hours, a Black Bunny can be the best chance to get big brown.


Dry flies -in sizes 6 to 16, Adams, Royal Wulff, Humpies- are a must in the Traful from the middle of the season onwards.

Fishermen will need chest waders throughout the season. Good boots with felt soles are a must because of the stony river bed.

Equipment is not supplied by the ranch but it can be rented from the guides at an extra cost and with advance notice.