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Testimonies 2015    

"Arroyo Verde a paradise found! Majestic views, clear streams, warm hearts, Arroyo Verde is everything we have hoped far and more. As before, we leave Argentina with new friends and new appreciation for how wonderful this country and its people are. Thank you for your remarkable hospitality and graciousness. We will meet again." Bud & Barbara Flanagan, December 2014.

"We have discovered where fisherman's paradise tales come true, where rider's dreams are realised. What a truly wonderful place! Thank you to all concerned, a lovely little corner of old Argentina. With love to all." Tim & Jen Franklin, February 2015.

"The birthplace of a man is in East Africa, but surely his final resting will be here in Patagonia at Arroyo Verde. Every aspect of our stay was top drawer. A culinary delights, wonderful rides into the mountains with your horses. Exiting flyfishing. Magical scenery every single day. Condors soaring high above, great company with Marina, Katrena and all the doggies. May we thank you all for our most memorable honeymoon in Argentina. Gordie & Felicia Church, November 2014, Kenya. November 2015.

"Dear Marina & Katrena, what a wonderful 2 days – Awesome! Never seen such amazing views from a horse. Thank you and your lovely team so much. I will be back!! Best wishes. Pippa Chapman, November 2014, U.K.

"Katrena, Anglers can be happy anywhere if they are catching fish (and we did, thanks Andres) but making their wives happy and relaxed takes special warmth and talent and you have that in spades. The food, wine, company and personal attention we all far better than all of us could have imagined before this really special and outstanding journey (more than a holiday). Best, Rand Silver, Casey Rogers, Marley Rabstenek & Richard Austin. December 2014. Brooklyn, N.Y. December 2014.

"Friends of Arroyo Verde, Thank you for all the care and charm through our stay. Our Christmas could not have been more blessed with meals we couldn't stop eating, vistas we couldn't look away from, and crystal clear streams we couldn't help from diving into. We appreciate every fish we pulled and kissed and every ride our horses tooted along. Hasta la próxima vez! Muchas gracias!" Ed, Janet, Kristi, George, Hilary and Phil (The Millers & Thompson) December 2014.

"We leave whit wonderful memories again of Arroyo Verde and the family and staff. It is a beautiful place. We hope to see you again soon. With many thanks." Chuck and Frances Hulin, USA, January 2015.

"What special memories we will hold in our hearts of Arroyo Verde, our last part of call on our trip up Patagonia. Thank you Marina for helping us with the arrangements and introducing us to you r amazing country and family. And thanks to both you and Katrena for the amazing horse rides and great conversations. We will start planning our return trip to this place where you made us feel so at home. Fond regards," Annie and John Bullen, Sidney, Australia, January 2015.

"The second visit confirms that for me, Arroyo Verde is the finest spot to pass time, to enjoy time, to sensor time. Lovely beyond description in all ways. Thanks again Meme, Marina & Katrena." Dean Kilgore, USA, January 2015.

"Beautiful fishing. Beautiful scenery. Beautiful people. Muchas gracias." Julie & Kevin Jurecko, St. Augustin, Florida, January 2015.

"Arroyo Verde and its family & staff is one of the most enjoyable experience in my fishing lifetime. My thanks and gratitude for your sharing this special place. I look forward to a return." Joe Lostracco, USA, January 2015.


"We have discovered where fishermen's tales come true, where rider's dreams are realised. What a truly wonderful place! Thank you all concerned – a lovely little corner of old Argentina. With love to all." Tim & Jennie Franklin, England, February 2015.

"We love your mountains, hour beautiful clear river, and specially your generous gracious hospitality, we hope to be back again soon. Fondly, Gigi and Mike Halloran, USA, February 2015.

"Thank you so much for everything. Words can hardly describe how much we enjoyed our time here! It was a very special trip for us to celebrate my birthday and catching a salmon. The horseback ride was spectacular. We will see you in May. Warmest regards, Linda Moline & Phil Kneeland, Orlando, Florida, February 2015.

"Thank you! Our fourteenth visit is ending and we are already thinking of our fifteenth. As always, everything was wonderful and worth remembering. We are never disappointed! Love to all especially Meme." Penny and Jim Goodrich, Atlanta, GA, March 2015.

"What an amazing experience this has been! Truly love the lodge, fishing and the horses! The visit changed me forever for the love of Argentina! Can't wait to return again." Pam and Weaver Theodosakis, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, 2015.

"Again a wonderful stay at my favourite place in Patagonia." Dennis Hall, Calgary, Canada.

"A magical place, with vistas of gold! Great food, fun conversation and love the red stags groaning and the learning to fish! Gracias por todo!" Lynn & Foster Freiss, Jackson, Wyoming, March 2015.

"We loved and loved our visit to Estancia Arroyo Verde. Our first visit but not the last. We hope to see you both in San Antonio and Mexico and on our return back! Thank you for everything." Julie and Warren Wilkinson, San Antonio, Texas, March 2015.

"I am not a skilled writer to describe with words alone what the experience of being at Arroyo Verde and your hospitality has been like. Marina & Katrena, you are consummate hosts and individuals, full of pluck, humour, common sense, resourcefulness and class. Come visit us. Affectionately," Judith Fong and Mark Wheeler, Seattle, WA., March 2015.

"Our group of American photographers thank the wonderful folks at Arroyo Verde for our beautiful adventure in paradise. With Maria Luisa, Marina and Meme we experienced the life at this famously delightful lodge and loved every minute of being spoiled by them! Needless to say Eliseo opened our eyes to new ways of chasing the light. His brilliance as a photographer, and his gentle approach to catching us has inspired us to take new challenges with our cameras. And to Diane Vail, for being a our inspired group leader. Thank you! We loved it all!" Arabella & Nat Dane, USA, March 2015.

"On our 20th anniversary of the first visit to Arroyo Verde was predictable wonderful, Fishing was tough with low water but there were some prizes. Meme and her family and Katrena continue to create a wonderful ambiance. Many, many thanks." Pam & Fed Meier, Baltimore, March 2015.

"Thank so much for such a fantastic experience. A beautiful estancia and lodge match only by the people who live and work here. We hope to see you again." Joel and Stan Tachtenberg, Jackson Hole, WY, March 2015.